Dr. Neha Shrivastava

Dr. Neha Shrivastava, the Director of The American Institute of Balance India, is a practising consultant neurologist and ENT specialist of RTKL VERTIGO & ENT clinic in Mumbai. She is also the Co-Owner of RTKL Diagnostics Mumbai.

After having pursued her Masters in MS (ENT) from Padmashree Dr. DY Patil Medical College & Hospital and MBBS from Terna Medical College and Hospital, Mumbai, she went ahead to pursue International Vestibular Rehabilitation Course from the prestigious American Institute Of Balance, Florida. She is among the youngest and brightest generation of doctors to practise neurotology in India.

Patient Self Quiz for Dizziness & Balance Problems

A Feeling of motion, Spining or failing when moving your head quickly or changing your poisition (Ex : Geeting out of bed)

Difficulty keeping your balance as you walk on different surfaces?
(Ex. Tile to carpet)

Uncomfortable trying to get around in the dark?

Walking down the grocery store aisles or through the mall is upsetting?

A sense of unsteadiness? A feeling you are not surefooted?

A fear of falling or stumbling?

Looking at moving objects such as escalators or looking out the side window of a car makes you queasy?

A feeling like you are drifting or being pulled to one side
when walking?

No one really understands how frustrating this is?

Your feet just won't go where you want them to?

Your Score : 0

Your balance and equilibrium appears to be okay.

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Dr. Neha Shrivastava