At AIB India, we aim to provide exemplary services to our patients via tele-consultations and physical check-ups by our global in-house experts without any compromise. We provide the global healthcare community with the most current and scientifically robust clinical protocols and information through our classes, workshops, online education and certification programs.

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Become a licensed practitioner or own a franchise of the American Institute of Balance and provide utmost care and support to your patients with world-class guidance and expertise.


Exhibit and improve your skills while acquiring comprehensive knowledge about the latest developments in vestibular science, concussion intervention, and pain management through certifications provided by the American Institute of Balance.


Contact our global experts from any location and find a solution to your problems within minutes. Avail a wide range of services from our practitioners and consultants without having to travel miles for it.

Dr. Neha Shrivastava

Dr. Neha Shrivastava, the Director of The American Institute of Balance India, is a practising consultant neurologist and ENT specialist of RTKL VERTIGO & ENT clinic in Mumbai. She is also the Co-Owner of RTKL Diagnostics Mumbai.

After having pursued her Masters in MS (ENT) from Padmashree Dr. DY Patil Medical College & Hospital and MBBS from Terna Medical College and Hospital, Mumbai, she went ahead to pursue International Vestibular Rehabilitation Course from the prestigious American Institute Of Balance, Florida. She is among the youngest and brightest generation of doctors to practise neurotology in India.


The American Institute of Balance was established in 1992 and is one of the largest multi-specialty centers for evaluation and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders. It is recognized as the leading diagnostic, treatment and educational research center in vestibular and equilibrium science and strives to provide the highest caliber evidenced-based, diagnostic and treatment services to the patients in a caring, compassionate and cost-effective manner. .